Hello, and welcome to Rise and Bake!

My name is Helen and I love to bake and make all kinds of things! I bake for my family, friends, and me, of course! I love all things sweet and all things chocolate. I also love bread.

I am a mother of 4 and have a husband who loves chocolate, cinnamon and anything freshly baked.

This blog started out as an attempt to try to bake every recipe in "Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads", which my husband gave me for Mother's Day 2009. I was including pictures and giving out details of my experiences. Along the way, I decided baking that many breads was not fufilling my need to provide readers with something interesting so I started baking sweets and goodies from other cookbooks. Now I am just filling this blog with new and old recipes that I try that turn out good. I try to include healthy recipes where I can, or change a recipe to make it a little better for you, but rest assured, you will also find many sinfully delicious things here too! They are all here for your enjoyment. And if you have any requests, I love to fufill them! Happy baking everyone!