Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three Flours Bread

Hello once again! I'm returning today because of a night of movie watching. That's right, a movie made me blog again. The movie was Julie and Julia - the movie where Julie writes a blog about doing every recipe from the cookbook by Julia Child. I had seen it before but it inspired me again so here I am!

Today's loaf was again from my big bread cookbook. It is called "Three Flours Bread" on page 205. It made me two nice big loaves. I personally call it "Soy Bread" because it has white flour, whole wheat flour and soy flour as the three flours. Since we are used to the taste of the other two, the soy flour stood out. It is a fine loaf of bread and the recipe worked wonderfully well. My family ate it with no difference, except for the eldest, who preferred my usual bread. I did find this bread was quite crumbly and soft. It is much sweeter than the bread we're used to but nobody complained about that!
It looks really pretty, doesn't it? 

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