Monday, May 7, 2012

Thinking about Mother's Day

Hello friends! This morning I thought I would play with my little girl all morning, but my bread supply was so low that I had to make bread instead. It was a good, dreary day for it. While I was at that, I glimpsed the little piece of paper I had recently signed - agreeing to donate a cake to a cake walk that is happening on Saturday (the day before Mother's Day). I figured, "Why not?" and baked a cake too. I made a plain white cake, 2 layers, 9 inches round. I made up some buttercream and got to work decorating the cooled cake. In an hour, I had this to give away. I thought it should make a nice Happy Mother's Day cake!

So, Happy Mother's Day a little early!

(Now go tell your mom you love her.)

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