Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fondant Roses and Tulips

After doing some looking, I found out that the 40th Wedding Anniversary is the "Ruby" anniversary. I need to make a cake for my parents' 40th Anniversary in July, so I started looking for ideas. A lot of the cakes had red roses. I have red fondant, so I watched the tutorial online for making gum paste or fondant roses and I made this one!
That was really quite a lot easier than the buttercream roses I've made in the past. My two little children wanted to make one too, so we made 3 more, then ran out of the red fondant/gum paste I had. The 3 year old did her best, but I had to smooth out her petals and form the flower.

How to make one flower:
  • Roll 6 or 7 marble-sized balls of fondant/gum paste
  • Working with one ball at a time, (keeping the others covered in Saran), squish the ball to 1/8" all around, then pinch around the top and side edges until those edges are paper thin and the bottom still thicker.
  • The petal should be round, and about 1 1/2" in diameter.
  • Roll the first one up like a tortilla. The thinned edge should be on one end, the fatter edge, on the other end.
  • Form the next petal like the first.
  • Wrap the second petal around the first, overlapping the edges of the two petals, keeping the thinned edges lined up at the top and the thick edges at the bottom of the flower. 
  • Repeat the last two steps until you have completed the flower. You can fan out the petals as you wish for a more opened or closed flower. 
That was so easy that I decided to try making tulips. My mom likes tulips. They are much harder to make look like the real thing. I tried using the same petal technique as the rose, but that one turned out looking like a trillium. So then I chose to make the petals by rolling out the fondant/gum paste and then cutting it with a round cutter and thinning the edges to make it look oval (with a rolling pin). I used a ball as the centre and wrapped 6 petals around it. When I pinched the tips of the petals, they finally started to look like the tulips I have outside my window.

I already know how to make daisies and carnations, so I think I need to figure out lilies next!

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