Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy HumpDay!

So, here it is Wednesday and I have nothing to show you! Oh no! How can that be? Yesterday I rose and baked 10 loaves of my usual bread before 11am. Today I baked those yummy Oatmeal Apple Muffins that everyone likes. Tomorrow I shall put together an edible bouquet for my Mom, who I will be visiting on Friday. If all goes well, it shall look something like this:
Of course, I stole this image from the wonderfully inspiring site. I bought the fruit today and got a beige terra-cotta flower pot and a little windmill/watering can thingy from the dollar store to make it all. I found a "how to" video at this site: Looked pretty easy and I am very excited to do it. I even bought the exact cookie cutter shape for the pineapple flowers today! The video says to use a head of lettuce as the base to hold everything and to cover the lettuce in kale. Well, I bought fresh parsley instead of kale because it was cheaper and the leftovers will be more useful in my house and it will look about the same. I got the supplies for it, including the fruit for about $20. I'm looking forward to creating it. Wish me luck!

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