Friday, February 11, 2011

Jo Goldenberg's Bagels - page 506

My husband is from near Montreal, Canada. This place generates some serious food snobs. They like "Their" bagels. I've tried making bagels before and they were acceptable. I tried this new recipe, and it doesn't have honey in it. These were not Montreal style bagels. But me and the children each ate two of them when fresh out of the oven and they were very good. Much too salty, when you consider we're used to bagels with no salt in them. So, once you mix the dough and let it rise and shape it, you need to boil the bagels.
This was the last bagel to be boiled. What a tricky process. Too cool of water and they go mushy, cook them too short a time and they become a hard, thick gloppy mess. Thankfully only one of mine failed badly enough to discard.
I covered my bagels in sesame seeds, because it is just the way to do it! This was a pan full before they're baked. Not bad at all. Then I baked them much less than the recipe said and I thought they looked perfect!

There you have it! Enjoy!

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