Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Molasses Wheat Bread p.99

What smells like great bread, tastes like great bread but does not look like great bread? This Molasses Wheat Bread! It may be that I over-kneaded it, or that it was the wrong temperature but something made this one look ugly. Which is a shame, because it tastes good.
The recipe said to put all the ingredients and 2 cups of flour together and then "stir to form a thin batter." Now, I don't know if my measures are COMPLETELY different than theirs or if something as thick as play dough is considered a thin batter, but that's what I got! It was a big, fat lump. So I added another 1/2 cup water and kept going. It did not want to knead nicely and I was uncomfortable with their instruction to twist the loaves, but I wanted to follow the recipe. I think that made the bread look really strange. I liked what went into this bread, however, and will probably make it again because it tastes really good. I will use the extra water and I won't twist the dough and I'm sure it will be great!
Tomorrow, I'm planning to bake a nut bread. Stay tuned.

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