Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ever since my children were big enough to drag a chair over to "help" in the kitchen, I have been making crepes for breakfast. There was a time when I made them on request. Then they started requesting them every day! So, for about the last 4 years I have made crepes every Tuesday and Friday morning. Surprisingly, they haven't gotten tired of them! Thank God, since they are such a snap to whip together. I combine flour and milk with egg and a little sugar and a sprinkle of salt. I add more flour or milk to get the right consistency. I might describe the right consistency as that of a slightly beaten egg, perhaps a little thicker, but not as thick as liquid honey.
Preheat a non-stick or cast iron fry pan to medium-hot (I start at 6 1/2 on my induction burners that go from 1 to 10, and reduce to 6 after first crepe). Pour a soup ladle full of batter into the hot 10" pan and tilt the pan around to let the batter reach the sides of the pan. Cook until the top no longer looks wet. Flip.

The crepe will be a nice tan color. When the bottom is flecked with light brown, it's ready! Remove to a plate. Spread with desired filling and roll up. The sooner you eat these, the better they are! The edges get crispy and harder to roll as they cool.

In our house, I have one order for "just butter", one order of "butter and jam", and four orders of "peanut butter and jam" but my husband also adds chocolate chips to his!

I have, over the years, also tried these perfectly delicious fillings:
banana and nuttella (with whipped cream if you like it)
banana and peanut butter
simply a piece of cheese, melted on the hot crepe
yogurt and berries
maple syrup - works better over two crepes, eaten like pancakes
banana and yogurt

Crepe recipe

Makes enough for one person (about 2 crepes)
1 egg
1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup milk
1 tsp sugar
1 sprinkle salt

Just multiply as needed. I find that 5 eggs works for my family - 9 crepes.
My sister came up with this recipe when I was in high school. She may have used a recipe book, but I am not sure. No matter, it makes great crepes! So, now you can rise and bake some of your own!

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  1. topping: Butter with a little brown sugar is yummy too! Opa Willie puts some sliced apple in his batter, double yum. -Michelle