Saturday, April 2, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

What do you do when you are told the strawberries you bought are almost too ripe, you want to bake something for your baking blog AND you spy a box of Dream Whip in your pantry?

Why not do what I did, and make a strawberry shortcake recipe?
I used the biscuit-type shortcake recipe from the 12th edition of Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. Page 246. I chose to make the individual shortcakes, since they are less messy to make up. I made the dough into 6 rounds, not 8, since there are 6 of us.

This recipe was like a biscuit recipe - maybe with a bit more sugar and butter.

And Voila! Here it is. To assemble, I cut the biscuit in half, spread with a spoonful of berries, a spoonful of Dream Whip and the top of the biscuit. Then another small scoop of berries and whip and finally, a big, beautiful berry on top!

Times three! Then I made 3 more for the rest of the family. What a nice way to enjoy those strawberries. They were perfect!

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