Monday, April 11, 2011

Maple Oatmeal Bread p. 188

This is Maple Oatmeal Bread from page 188.
This recipe would have made 2 small loaves, but I chose to make it into 1 large loaf and two small buns. The author says it is for two loaves.

I made it with cooked porridge instead of soaking oats for 1 hour in boiling water. It didn't need as much flour as the recipe called for, but it did make a delicious bread. It had a delicate sweetness from the maple syrup and it had some oat texture and sticky-ness. If maple syrup weren't so expensive, I would highly recommend this loaf, as it tasted wonderful!  I don't feel it was quite amazing enough to justify the added expense.

It had a strange way to create the bread too. First, you only add some of the flour and let it rise, then you knead in the rest of the flour, place the dough into the baking pans and let it rise again. Then you bake. It worked fine, but it was different.

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