Monday, April 25, 2011

Left-overs pizza

Hello again! Easter is done, and my fridge is full of left-overs. As I've told you before, I often make left overs into pizza. Here is one I made last week, with the cream cheese alfredo sauce and chicken my husband made the night before. No tomato sauce on this one.
I put on some extra red and green peppers and we had a really gourmet pizza. If you ever can, you should try it. Heavenly cheesy and delicious.

Tonight I made some Easter ham and fresh pineapple into a bunch of mini pizzas for the family. They went over just fine, as usual. I made a deep-dish version for myself with mashed potatoes as a crust.  I would NOT recommend that! It was not good. The tomato sauce blended too much with the potatoes and they did not crisp into a crust at all. They blended so much, I could not even really taste any tomato at all. Rather disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. (I got the idea when I remembered the pasta crust pizza I made a while ago that worked really well.) All I can say is that now at least my left-over mashed potatoes are gone! Many people would question why I did not make shepherd's pie instead. Probably because only my husband really likes it.

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