Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie

Here's a first for me: Sweet Potato Pie! (With Streusel topping)
I had some left-over sweet potatoes from Easter dinner and thought about this. I had heard of sweet potato pie, but never tried it. I had a recipe for it in the Better Homes and Gardens 14th Edition page 441. My sweet potatoes were sweetened before they were served on Sunday, so I used a little less sugar than the recipe called for and it was still plenty sweet. It turned into a lovely pie, much like a pumpkin pie, only sweeter and less eggy tasting. I would have liked it with nuts throughout it, but I liked it anyway.

The recipe also says it can be made without the streusal and add whipped cream instead. If you'd like the recipe, leave a comment and I will add it!

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