Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grandmother's Southern Biscuits p. 497

I wanted to make something to go with supper and something that would serve a few hungry preschoolers as a morning snack, so I decided to make biscuits. These were Grandmother's Southern Biscuits from the book.
I had made them a couple of years ago with the comment "plus a little" beside the "2 cups all-purpose flour" line. Well, this time, the "little" was a 1/2 cup! And they were still a rather sticky mess. But I pressed them together into a large square on my baking sheet, cut them apart into 2" squares with a big knife and baked them just like that. (Yes, I really made square biscuits! It's such a timesaver, and then you don't have to re-roll the left-overs from cut circles.)  It looked a bit messy on the pan, but they came out really lovely, soft and very tender. Some kids had 3! I kept eating more. They were so yummy, fresh out of the oven, just in time for dinner.

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