Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red River Pumpernickel Bread p. 196

As promised, I got up bright and early this morning and started the oven to make the Red River Cereal bread. I was surprised at how nearly black it is.

So, how does it taste? Well, no surprise, it tastes like Red River Cereal! I'm not a big fan. Of the cereal or the bread. The bread is very dense and dark, and it was easy to mix but slow to bake (took 2 3/4 hours in the oven). I thought the cereal had softened up nicely. I had let it sit overnight. The bread turned out moist, but firm and dense.

Given that it is packed full of grains and seeds, my children would not even taste it. I'm not surprised. I'll have to make chocolate bread next! Ha ha ha.

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