Saturday, March 26, 2011

What gives me energy?

Today, one of my friends said, "please blog about how you get all that energy to do everything. ;)" Since I didn't bake anything today (I was out at the birthday party), answering that question seems like a good topic.

I guess the thing that gives me energy is making things. I love to make things. It excites me when I can see an idea and re-create it.

I get energy from being happy. My children can smile and make me happy. I can make something cute and that makes me happy.

I get energy from making more with less. I love to be frugal. It was taught to me all my life from my parents. I also try to reduce, re-use and recycle. I made these loot bags for the party today only from things I already had in the house. It feels like I spent nothing on them (but time), and that makes me proud. Technically, I spent money on a granola bar for each bag and a couple of wrapped chocolates, but that was it! The bag was made from the children's drawing paper, stamped with stars and decorated with left-over scrapbooking paper.

The smiling bowling pin magnets were my old clothespins, the magnets - left-over from another craft project, the white and black craft foam - bought at the dollar store last year when I needed a piece for my fondant flower making class and googly eyes, which I have in my stash since they are just so darn cute and for $1 you can get enough for years of crafts!

There was a "popper" inside each bag. Each popper was a toilet paper tube, wrapped in one of the children's finger paintings and tied with curly ribbon that has been in the family for generations and inside were 2 balloons and a Kinder surprise toy from my collection of cute stuff I've kept. Finally, each bag got two of the Bowling Pin Cookies in sandwich baggies tied with curly ribbon.

I get energy from surprising people or impressing them, as I did today with the Two Tier Two Layer Chocolate Birthday Cake . When someone said, "It looks like something from"Cake Boss", that gives me a huge boost of energy. That makes it so worthwhile.

I get energy from going for walks, or jumping on our trampoline with the children or doing something active.

I get energy from knowing I have done a good job at something. I always try my best. (Conversely, I do feel pretty down on myself when something turns out badly.)

Surprisingly, as I am thinking about all this, I don't think of myself as getting energy from chocolate and sugar. I love them. But when I eat too much, I really just start to feel blah.

Finally, the best thing that gives me energy is to be loved by family and friends!

If you have any more questions, just drop a comment. I'll be happy to answer!

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