Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chocolate Oh Henry Squares

This was another delicious square from page 42 of the Company's Coming 150 Delicious Squares book. The hardest part of this recipe was lining the 9"x9" pan with graham crackers. 7 needed trimming and you had to do it twice; once for the bottom crust and a second layer to cover the chocolate and nut filling. Here's how it looked after the second layer of crackers:
I let this set up in the fridge while I prepared the icing for the top. It was a lot like my chocolate fudge icing and went on remarkably easily.

The squares turned out beautifully. They were delicious. They were even better the second day, when the crackers softened more and soaked up the chocolate flavors from the other layers. If you don't like nuts, you could probably make these without nuts. I liked them, but my youngest doesn't like nuts and just ate the icing off these squares and refused to eat the part with the nuts. The squares were soft and yet they stayed together quite well. My husband remarked, "Why haven't you made these before?" I don't know, but I will be making them again for sure!

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