Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kaiser Rolls p. 493

Welcome to March! Here, it came in more like a lion than a lamb. Snow, rain, wind. Not so nice. So I needed to make something nice inside the house. What started off as a frustrating recipe turned into a wonderful kaiser for my lunch! And then another! This was another recipe where the liquid measure was either too little, or the flour too much. I had another thick, hard lump at the beginning. Then I added another 1/4 cup water and it worked itself out. I used the amount of flour called for and here is the result:
Lovely, tasty, light and crunchy kaiser rolls! They were not too hard to make. The shaping was supposed to be the tricky part, but I think they turned out ok.

The children ate theirs with peanut butter and jam and I had one with cheese. They made a beautiful lunch for everyone! Tonight, I plan to have them for supper with leftover meat, cheese, peppers and onions. Yum yum.

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