Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Easter Cake

Welcome to the first day of Spring! We had lovely sunshine here and it got me thinking of Springs past. Which made me remember the cake I made for Easter one year. Since I didn't bake anything other than pizza today, I thought I would share that cake.
It was probably a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, but it may have been a carrot cake, I don't remember exactly.

Either way, I covered it in yellow buttercream and did a basket-weave around the sides to simulate a woven basket. Then, using a #4 piping tip, I made grass from yellow buttercream. I fashioned a little chick from fondant and put him in an open plastic egg.

I "filled" the rest of the basket with empty plastic eggs. I could have filled the eggs and used them as party favors and that would have been more fun, but it would look the same.  I made the handle purely from fondant, but I really should have added gum paste to make it harden and hold up. As a result, the handle drooped and fell onto the plastic eggs before I presented the cake. No big deal; it wasn't meant to be eaten anyway. I finished the cake with "Happy Easter" piped in green on the foil base.

I haven't forgotten the promised birthday cake either. I'm thinking of scheduling the party for this weekend so you might see it by then! For now, Happy Spring!

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