Monday, March 7, 2011

Hearty White Bread p. 64

My bread stash was dangerously low today, so I looked up a new recipe. Came up with all the ingredients for this Hearty White Bread. It contains eggs, wheat germ, dry milk powder and potato flakes. (I only had potato flour but figured I'd try that). I've never thought about what potato flakes might be so if you know, you can let me know!

In any event, I mixed up a double batch of this recipe since "one large or two small loaves" would only get me to Wednesday and I'm a busy woman this week! Fast Forward past the usual problem of too much flour and not enough wet ingredients and the rest of the instructions were a breeze. Unbaked, this loaf felt as soft as those wondrous rolls I keep talking about. (Must be the potato). In the end, I kneaded in 5 3/4 cups of flour instead of the "approximately 7 cups" the recipe called for!  I raised the bread in the pans, covered with a greased sack paper. I must have pulled the middle one off too quickly, because that loaf sank a bit. You be the judge:

The other two turned out nicely, but streaky. I think it was the buttered covers. No matter, they still look pretty.
So I cut up the ugly one and took a bite. The crumbs are noticeably coarser than my usual bread. The inside has a nice yellow color from the eggs. The wheat germ was what had me saying, "hmmm... what's that flavor? I don't really like it." So, I slapped on some peanut butter and kept on munching anyway! Nobody else even tried any since everyone was not interested in bread after having today's muffins: blueberry bran muffins . I should have known better!

Now, I am off to make more decorations for that cake I froze two days ago.

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